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About Forma Athletics

Founded in 2017, Forma Athletics was created to bring a world class community with a garage gym feel to the Brookfield area.  Here at Forma Athletics you won’t find treadmills or weight machines… we use old school barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, running and gymnastics principles to deliver true functional fitness.  All our workouts are programmed to be scaled appropriately according to each individual. We train our members to understand the how – how to move well, how to perform at high levels, how to rest, recover, and refuel properly – and the why – the underlying context of what they are doing and why it is important.  As a result, our members come together to learn, grow and push themselves.

Our gym isn’t like any other gym.  We limit the number of athletes per class so you get the personal attention you need to attain your fitness goals (we were doing this pre-Covid).  Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up selected to prepare you for the Skill Work and the Workout Of the Day (WOD). During the Skill, your coach will guide you through drills designed to create body awareness for gymnastic movements or help you or refine the technique and efficiency of the major Olympic/Power lifts.  After a quick practice of the components of the WOD, it’s 3,2,1…GO!

At Forma Athletics, we are like-minded individuals who have seen our lives change for the better because of this style of functional fitness.  We have a common bond. And we have fun as we achieve our goals! Come experience Forma Athletics for yourself by scheduling your No Sweat Intro TODAY!!

About Us

Our team

Mikki Durkin

Owner/ Head Coach

Growing up I was a competitive gymnast turned cheerleader. I was a member of the cheer programs at Barton College and UCONN where I was able to apply the foundations I learned through gymnastics to cheerleading at a collegiate level. The cheering was fun for me because it involved both lifting and all the dynamic moves of gymnastics I loved. The strict tactics used in the competitive world of cheer and gymnastics led me to develop a struggle with my body image. I tried all sorts of fitness training methods to keep my weight down, but it wasn’t until 2007 when I was introduced to a CrossFit workout that I found a program that worked and that gave me the results I had always wished for (and then some!). The constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement of this style of training was just what I needed. This type of fitness, the movements you use in real life, incorporated so much of what I loved to do. With my foundation in gymnastics, many of the movements were easy for me to figure out. The community aspect that goes hand in hand with this style of fitness was something I never experienced before. I was welcomed by fellow members when I walked into a class and I had coaches and instructors that knew things about me. Those are unique qualities that no Body Pump or Kickboxing class could offer. This gave me a whole new outlook on fitness and accountability and it changed the way I attacked my workouts, the food I ate and redefined the way I saw my body.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

USAW Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit Adaptive Training Certification

First Aid, CPR, AED Certified

Motivation & Passion

I am motivated by helping people discover new potential in themselves. I’m a teacher at heart (I taught Spanish for 20 years prior to opening Forma). Coaching is my passion. I love seeing people take risks and reach goals they never even knew were possible. I enjoy working with people who think they are “too old” to start something new, but even more so, I find happiness in helping them realize that “too old” is just a mindset. I like to work with all kinds of people, especially people who have never really been involved in athletics before. When I coach new athletes on the value of becoming consistent, they are rewarded with the strength they didn’t think they were capable of.


lori alek

Coach/ Trainer

I grew up in Southern California and played volleyball in high school. In college and my young adult years, I was able to stay fit outdoors playing beach volleyball, rollerblading, hiking and would occasionally find my way to the local Globo Gym. I attended Cal State Long Beach and earned a Masters's Degree in Communicative Disorders, practiced Audiology, and eventually earned a Doctorate of Audiology. My first two children, Evan and Phia (now young adults), were both born there. We moved to El Paso, Texas and I gave birth to my third child, Madi. We moved again, this time to the midwest - Loveland, Ohio. This is where my pursuit of fitness really began.

At 41, I found myself out of shape and unhappy. At the encouragement of friends, I tried a small group fitness class at a neighborhood gym and was immediately hooked! I started with personal training and then transitioned to group classes. Within a year I dropped several sizes along with 20 pounds. I became leaner, stronger, and more confident! Our family moved to Weston, CT and I immediately joined a local gym and I jumped right into classes!

Motivation & Passion

My passion for group fitness and Olympic weightlifting led me to a second career in coaching and personal training. For 11 years, I've been doing what I love! I'm thrilled to be helping others achieve their fitness goals at Forma Athletics, coaching group classes, and one-on-one training sessions. My personal fitness journey has given me the understanding, patience, and enthusiasm needed to support and encourage others as they navigate theirs.



USAW Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Level 1
CrossFit Mobility Certification
CrossFit Strongman Certification
Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 1
CPR/AED Certified

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