USAW Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Mobility Certification

CrossFit Strongman Certification

Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 1

CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

I grew up in Southern California and played volleyball in high school. In college and my young adult years, I was able to stay fit outdoors playing beach volleyball, rollerblading, hiking and would occasionally find my way to the local Globo Gym. I attended Cal State Long Beach and earned a Masters's Degree in Communicative Disorders, practiced Audiology, and eventually earned a Doctorate of Audiology. My first two children, Evan and Phia (now young adults), were both born there. We moved to El Paso, Texas and I gave birth to my third child, Madi. We moved again, this time to the midwest - Loveland, Ohio. This is where my pursuit of fitness really began.

Turning Point

At 41, I found myself out of shape and unhappy. At the encouragement of friends, I tried a small group fitness class at a neighborhood gym and was immediately hooked! I started with personal training and then transitioned to group classes. Within a year I dropped several sizes along with 20 pounds. I became leaner, stronger, and more confident! Our family moved to Weston, CT and I immediately joined a local gym and I jumped right into classes!

Motivation & Passion

My passion for group fitness and Olympic weightlifting led me to a second career in coaching and personal training. For 11 years, I've been doing what I love! I'm thrilled to be helping others achieve their fitness goals at Forma Athletics, coaching group classes, and one-on-one training sessions. My personal fitness journey has given me the understanding, patience, and enthusiasm needed to support and encourage others as they navigate theirs.

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